An ancient

Château Taffard de Blaignan gets its name from Mr. Jean-Baptiste Taffard, Gentleman of the King’s great Vénerie (hunting club). He was the third son of Mr. Pierre Taffard, whose origins date back from the end of the 16th century. Still, with an altimetry of thirty-four meters, one of the highest points of the peninsula, vines have been present in the region since the 14th century.

The terroir

In the heart of
the great medoc vineyard

The privileged location imparts ideal temperatures to the estate. Add to that a unique terroir, with predominant gravel, big and small, combined with sand or calcareous clay, all tremendously favourable to produce high quality grapes.

The vineyard

A unique first
rate area

The vineyard stretches over sixty-five hectares, predominantly planted with Merlot, but Cabernet Sauvignon represents almost a third of the vines.


The wines

An accomplished expression
of bordeaux wines

The Château’s wine presents a deep garnet-red colour. The nose is suave and delicate. The mouth develops into aromas of ripe, yet crisp fruit with hints of spices.



At the core of our trade, ancient gestures persist and pay tribute to the men and women who have made our wine for centuries.

the technique

Respecting traditional methods is a fundamental part of our philosophy. However, high priority is given to the use of modern technology to comply with expectations of new educated consumers.